2021 Littleville Fair Association Membership Renewal

Hey! It’s membership renewal time! We miss you! Join or Renew Today!

Although we weren’t able to hold the Littleville Fair in 2020, we’re still going strong! We’ve had many new changes at the fairgrounds and we have many more on deck.

We welcome you to join us!

Your renewed membership assists us in preserving the almost 100-year-old Littleville Fair. As a member of the Littleville Fair Association, your contribution helps ensure that our agricultural fair continues—and that it provides education and entertainment, family  fun and festivities—for years to come.

There are two ways to apply for membership in the Littleville Fair Association:

  1.  Click here to complete and submit an online membership form, then send us your payment in the mail or give it to us in person.
  2. Click here to download a printable membership application that you can mail or give to us in person with your payment.

If you prefer, you can contact us at thelittlevillefair@gmail.com or call us at (413) 364-4411 and we’ll help you with the application process.

Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook too!

Littleville Fair Snowmobile Drag Race News

Riders at the 2019 Littleville Fair Snowmobile Drag Race.

Stay Tuned!  Planning for the Littleville Fair Snowmobile Drag Race is in progress. We will let you know as soon as we’ve got a firm plan in place! 



General Contact:
15 Kinnebrook Road
Chester, MA 01011
Phone:  413-667-3193
Email: thelittlevillefair@gmail.com

Littleville Fair Association Officers and Superintendents for 2020:
President                    Moe Boisseau Sr.            413-364-4411
Vice President         Mike Carpenter               413-862-4794
Treasurer                    Irv Williams                        413-207-2471
Asst. Treasurer       James Ryan-Wise            413-667-9190
Secretary                   Corky Carpenter              413-862-4794
Asst. Secretary      Betsy LaPointe                  413-862-4794
Grounds                      Moe Boisseau Jr.               413-297-2415

Littleville Fair Board of Directors 2020:
Sonny Lafond          413-552-9057
Bob Henrichon        413-667-5135
Nancy Boisseau      413-297-2416
John Steins                413-230-9835
Jeff Comee                413-427-5336
Randy LaPointe       413-244-7414

Adults:   $7.00
Children Ages 12 years & under:  Free

2021 Fair Dates & Hours: